Hello, I’m Gia Romano, a user experience & product design leader based in New Zealand.

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Software/Platform Experience

  • Figma
  • Adobe Suite
  • Sketch
  • Marvel & Maze
  • Condens & Dovetail
  • MS Office
  • HTML, CSS & JS
  • Salesforce Marketing & Commerce
Mar 23 - Present
Lead User Experience Designer

As the Lead User Experience Designer at TradeWindow, I lead by example, inspiring the product and development teams to dream big and uphold the highest standards in usability across all software products. I'm dedicated to fostering best practices across the organization while staying attuned to industry trends to streamline delivery and drive innovation. My design work has been instrumental in shaping the user experience, involving wireframing, prototyping, creating user stories, personas, and storyboards, as well as establishing the information architecture.

Manager User Experience

Bentley acquired Seequent and as the team grew, I was promoted to Manager of User Experience, overseeing experience strategy, UX research & product design for 14+ platforms across the customer journey. I’ve established myself as an inclusive leader and strong user advocate. My focus has been on demonstrating the value of human-centred design to Executive level business stakeholders, and on hiring, mentoring and retaining top design talent to further Customer Centre of Excellence in UX and CX.

Senior UX Designer

I led strategic design work with team mentoring/oversight in this position, notably leading the Leapfrog & Central product design team to modernise the UI of the desktop and cloud software, revamping the design system and the over 740 icons in 6 weeks. As the initial hire and sole knowledge expert, I hired, nurtured and grew our team to 10 experts across Canada and New Zealand which led to establishing our wider customer experience team onboarding program.

More experience on request.


Customer Experience Leadership

Establish, maintain, and continue to improve upon customer experience and learn how to communicate vision and goals, engaging employees in building CX success.

UX Management: Strategy and Tactics

Create and execute a user experience (UX) strategy that ensures all UX work across an organisation is aligned with business values.

Planning and Releasing Software with Jira

Successfully planning, creating, and releasing software requires a sound process, strong coordination among multiple teams, and correctly configured applications.

Colorado State University

Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts Minor in Marketing | Fort Colling, Colorado

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+ (64) 210 811 3933